Property purchase involves understanding of a complex set of laws which will allow a homeowner to get the right home. But without legal assistance, you will not be able to find the things which will work specifically for you. There are certain things that legal experts carry which a homeowner can benefit from, which involves learning about certain rules and regulations.


If you are buying an under-construction property, there are many rules that come to play. These rules are quite different from a ready to move in property. The buyers are looking to approach the real estate regulatory authority, which can allow one to have the flat built under the right conditions. As a buyer, there are certain approaches which one can carry, which involves things like failing to pay the penalty and also the nature of the offence. If the homeowner does not comply with the order, one will have to make sure that they can get the penalty at the right property cost.



Until the property is not registered with the right procedure one cannot fully become the legal owner of the property. There are many rules that are related to property registration, which requires you to pay the registration charge. The buyer has to pay stamp duty which can range to be four to five per cent. There are also many types f offences one can make which can land a person in prison.


There are many Archaic laws which are still in practice that changes the way we function in the housing segment. A landlord can enter the premises and offer the tenant a written notice which needs to be followed with the process of carrying out the renovation work.



Provision of the transfer of property act 1882 apply. According to the act, the property of any kind was supposed to be transferred by the person to help ensure that you are competent to contract and are entitled have a movable property. This can be easily done with a sale deed or gift deed or a relinquishment deed. There are many laws which state that one can never make a contract hoping that the property can hope to own in the future.


Income tax laws apply especially when you are earning on the sale of your property. There are many short terms and long term loans which one can gain tax on with the profits. To help you save on tax a sale proceeds must be invested which can be put on another immovable property with the schemes that the government has implemented to help keep the homebuyers safe from any kind of fraud.